Get in to the Head of Your Customers

Posted by chrismahan on April 6, 2017

Have you ever bought something you didn’t need – in fact, you really didn’t even want – because of a high-pressure sales person and their pitch? Many of us have. However, I would venture a guess that you never engaged in another transaction with that person or the business they represented. That marketing approach may have gained a sale but it also lost a customer.

If we want our marketing to truly be effective, we must approach the process from the customer or client’s point of view rather than our own. Instead of telling them what they need, we must be listening to them and discovering what they really desire. To do this, we need to get in to the head of our prospects. Think like they do. See our products/services from their vantage point.

One way to accomplish this is to realize our prospects often have a conversation going on in their minds which centers on two issues. The first is: The problem the prospect has but doesn’t want. The second: The solution the prospect wants but doesn’t have. If we can understand that conversation in the context of our product or services, we can then effectively market those products and services to that prospect.

Ideally, your product or service will provide a solution to a problem your prospect is experiencing. Now, instead of pitching your product or service based on why you think they should buy, you are able to approach them with the solution they want but don’t have. Instead of coming to them as a sales person, you come as a savior.

Take the time to think of the hot button issues and/or problem your potential customers are facing then figure out how you can solve that issue or problem. Then highlight that issue/problem, along with the solution you offer, in all your marketing mediums using the Marketing Equation.

If you’re not familiar with the Marketing Equation, email me at and I’ll be glad to send you a more detailed explanation.

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